Designed for action

If we’re going to avoid a global food crisis we have to take positive action – now. This was the stark message behind a new book from the Soil Association.

So when the book’s publishing company, Fragile Earth, an imprint of Alastair Sawday’s publishing company, asked for our design help, we were hungry to help.

The book needed to help change mindsets, and show readers how they could make a difference in their own lives and to the systems that feed the planet. What we needed to do, was create an impactful design that would help convey the urgency of the situation.



  • Name origination
  • Design & Art direction
  • Copywriting
  • Illustration
  • Editorial
  • Print
  • Website design
Soil Association Stuffed Book Inside Spread

Bold stuff

To reflect the need for a radical rethink about our relationship with food, we came up with a bold and arresting look – a design that would add weight to the messaging.

We took a typeface that was striking and blocky in appearance and customised it to give it a scratched, earth-like appearance. And we laid the type out in a way reminiscent of protest art and campaigning banners. The idea was to arouse emotions, to convey a sense of urgency and empowerment – to show how we can all play a part in a social movement for change.

We created a unique graphic on the edge of each page which built into a message on the fore edge of the book – just one quirky design detail that elevated the book’s feel. And we used a rich, earthy colour palette to echo the Soil Association’s roots.



Fable Sawdays Stuffed Book 27
Soil Association Stuffed Book Inner Spread
Soil Association Stuffed Book Typeface Detail
Soil Association Stuffed Book Typeface Detail
Soil Association Stuffed Book Copywriting
Soil Association Stuffed Book Typeface Detail
Soil Association Stuffed Responsive Website Design shown on a tablet

Breaking new ground

Our work undoubtedly played a big part in the book’s success.

Through impactful design the book’s message was rendered more powerful. And by helping readers to see more clearly the simple actions they could take to make a big difference, it played a part in reshaping our food culture.

One of the book’s aims was that it could be used by teachers, as part of the curriculum, to help educate children about their food habits. And the clear, compelling design and people-friendly layout contributed to achieving this goal.