Flying Bristol’s green flag

When Bristol were planning a bid to become the UK’s first European Green Capital City, they wanted a book setting out their green credentials to form part of their application.

So, when we were approached by the publisher, Alastair Sawday, to help design the new book, we knew we had to create something impressive – something that would do justice do their grand ambitions.

The aim of the book, Bristol – Inspiring Change, was to show how Bristol had many of the elements in place to make them a successful green city, and also to celebrate the people and institutions working hard to make it greener still.



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Green and read all over

Obviously the book had to be highly informative, so it was important to make it engaging. We constantly changed pace throughout, to keep things dynamic and to maintain the reader’s interest.

Each section was brought to life with photographs of the people and communities who help shape the city. And we featured the buildings, public spaces, transport and green energy initiatives that showed how Bristol was moving towards greater independence from a carbon-intensive centralised system.

The overall look and feel was designed to reflect Bristol’s innovative, imaginative and inspirational approach to green living.



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Winning ways

The book did its job. After much deliberation, and against stiff competition, Bristol won the bid and was awarded the UK’s first European Green Capital City status.

We had played a part in helping to show how Bristol was leading the way with environmentally friendly urban living and inspiring its leaders and citizens to come together to provide a high-quality, low-carbon city for all.



Fable provided an impeccable design service for our book project. They are innovative, creative, accurate and thorough, I highly recommend working with them.

Lyn Hemming
Publishing Consultant