Strikingly different. Reassuringly familiar.

When it comes to big brands Hitachi is right up there. So, when this global giant asked for our design help the creative sparks soon started to fly.

The long-standing technology pioneers were looking for ways to make their global communications – both internal and external – more visually arresting and conversation-provoking. A creatively-inspired case of stop and start.

One thing was abundantly clear. Whatever we did had to remain absolutely on-brand – a brand that is both powerful and internationally recognised. Our job therefore was to create something that was both exciting and new, yet familiar.

  • Brand Development
  • Campaign Identity
  • Design & Art Direction
  • Digital
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Building big screen presence

For both internal and external communications, we were tasked to visually transform their existing material into contemporary and highly engaging screen-read experiences. Hitachi’s Modern Slavery Statement had been started as a simple written piece all set for a development journey. Similarly, Hitachi’s internal comms magazine, Connected, was ready for a glow-up.

For both communication pieces, we wanted to create a distinctive and recognisable visual identity. It was important that both the Modern Slavery Statement and Connected magazine felt digital from the outset; that they would capture attention and generate discussion.

We created bold cover images and headline-holding devices to draw readers in. And devised a clear visual hierarchy to guide readers through each page, crafting icons to aid understanding and assist navigation. Clear signposting and clickable divider tabs also helped readers find their way around, while clearly clickable web links and simple graphic charts to help clarify complex information added to the user-friendly experience.

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Hitachi Mod Slav ipad Slant 3
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Happy Hitachi

You know you’ve done a good job when the client comes back for more. And that’s exactly what happened after our first project for Hitachi.

Following our successful creative revamp of Connected magazine, we were asked to keep up the good work. And so far, we’ve created three issues and counting. Since Connected magazine is a key component of Hitachi’s internal communications, distributed digitally to all their employees worldwide, we’re delighted to have helped make a difference. Feedback on all three issues has been extremely positive, helping people at work feel better connected, better informed, and ultimately more motivated.

Feedback from the Modern Slavery Statement has been equally positive, with the client expressing how happy they were with the digital-first look and feel we created and the great onscreen reader experience. All in all, happy days.

The team at Fable were brilliant to work with for our new Connected magazine design. The quality of work carried out was first class. The response we have received from colleagues globally on the new design layout has been great.

Mary-Jane Linton