Clearing clouds

Bringing clarity to a complex, confusion-shrouded subject is the goal of the Economics Observatory (ECO). A new initiative that bridges the gap between academic research, government policy and the general public, the Economics Observatory aims to give clear, balanced answers to the economic questions that Covid-19 and its fallout will bring.

The ECO team are drawn from across the countries and regions of the UK, with a hub in Bristol. Publishing daily articles, videos and charts, based on the findings of researchers at the cutting edge, they are charting this extraordinary global crisis while championing and driving evidence-based policymaking.

Following this new business win, our task was clear: to create an impactful, standout identity and distinctive visual language that would help ECO to become recognised as a trusted source of economics information – a new player that would become respected by think tanks and policymakers.

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Broadening horizons

Our creative needed to be intelligent and to have wide-ranging appeal. First off, we created a visually impactful mark grounded in science and data, which was designed to visually animate to reflect the evolving nature of economics. And we crafted distinctive brand patterns, confident typography and a bold colour palette to create a dynamic visual language.

We deployed the new brand across launch collateral that included a flyer, business cards and ECO magazine – a striking, thought-led and thought-provoking publication that brings the Economics Observatory vision to life. Our aim in designing it was to shift the boundaries of who would read an economics magazine – making it universally appealing and accessible.

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EO Summer 2021 cover
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EO Summer 2021 Flyer Cover Inside Light Grey BG
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EO Winter 2021 cover
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EO Issue 3 cover

Providing intelligible answers

Making economics accessible to all is a bold aim. And in creating a look and feel for the Economics Observatory that’s as appealing to academics as it is to the general public, we’ve helped them achieve this.

We’re excited to be involved in such an intriguing project and to play a part in documenting this important time in our shared history.

Fable have helped turn a fledgling idea for ECO magazine into one of the most ambitious and cutting edge publications in the sector. The design showcases research and data analysis in each issue, and the clean, young and fresh feel has also enabled us to reach a more diverse and wide-ranging audience.

Richard Davies
Economist, author and editor of ECO