Expanding on good

A niche is a cosy place to be. But cosy can come at a cost, as our client Ecclesiastical were well aware.

A specialist insurance and financial services company, they came to us with a challenge: to make their offering relevant to a wider audience, while also growing their core business.

There was one aspect that needed to be made clear. Ecclesiastical occupy a unique space in their market – operating as a successful commercial business but with a purely charitable purpose. What we needed to do was communicate this difference while also broadening their appeal.



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Fable Ecclesiastical Annual Report 01

Extending the reach – with a human touch

A different kind of business calls for a different kind of approach. And since charity – and improving people’s lives – is at the heart of Ecclesiastical’s business, it made sense to bring people into the foreground. It also meant that by using people and the community as our unifying theme, we would appeal to the widest audience possible.

The first thing we did was to create a whole new language – using a more empathetic tone of voice – to better express Ecclesiastical’s values. We wanted to tell their story through the stories of real people. To complement the new language, we created a new style of photography, which was warmer and far more people focused. By bringing people back into focus, making them the subject of the image, we were able to show what sets Ecclesiastical apart.

We applied this new written and visual language across all collateral – from annual reports, impact reports and thought leadership pieces to a coffee table art magazine and awards programme.



Fable ecclesiastical annual report 15 RT

Annual Report & Accounts

Fable Ecclesiastical Annual Report 17
Fable Ecclesiastical Annual Report 16
Barometer Fake Spreads Cover 1920 Award logos

Education Risk Barometer

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Barometer Ipad
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Positive Impact Report

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Fable Ecclesiastical Impact Report 02

Impact Report

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Review Magazine 2019

Review Cover Foils 5
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Eccles Review 2020 ipad Cover Portrait
Eccles Review 2020 ipad Spread 4
Fable ecclesiastical review magazine 01 Logo
Fable Ecclesiastical Review Magazine 02
Fable Ecclesiastical Review Magazine 03
Fable Ecclesiastical Review Magazine 04
Fable Ecclesiastical Review Magazine 05
Fable Ecclesiastical Review Magazine 06
Ecclesiastical Movement Fod Good Logo Identity Design 3

Movement for Good

The brand we created for the Movement for Good and Movement for Good Awards graphically encapsulates how helping others through charitable giving is at the heart of Ecclesiastical’s business.

Ecclesiastical Movement For Good Social Media Campaign Posts
Ecclesiastical Movement For Good Responsive Website Design

Good gets better

Our work for Ecclesiastical succeeded in broadening their appeal while staying true to the values that underpin their ethical business beliefs.

We elevated their entire suite of collateral, which helped them become better known in the charity sector. And our work on their Review magazine helped raise their profile among high net worth individuals. We also raised brand awareness through projects like the Movement for good programme – which started as a fledgling idea and has now become a genuine movement. And following our digital work and social media campaign, awareness has been growing day by day, and has been key in helping Ecclesiastical to become more relevant to a younger audience.



We have very much enjoyed working with Fable and have found them to be extremely creative, providing us with imaginative concepts. They often go above and beyond to make sure deadlines are met and have an extremely keen eye for detail. I was impressed with their professionalism and above all, they delivered what they had promised.

Lisa Collier
Marketing Services Manager