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Woo Hoo! Time to celebrate.

Little wins, modest wins or great big shiny trophy wins… Winning awards makes us happy. It makes our clients happy too, which in turn makes us happier still. Proper dancing on tables happy. We’re delighted to have won a number of gongs including international accolades such as the C2A and Drum Awards. Each one is a source of great pride and reflects the creativity, passion and hard work of our team.

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First Time Mums UK & Loved By Parents: Butterbean

Butterbean is a new kind of parenting platform. To help launch Butterbean into the world and help it grow we crafted an impactful, standout identity and soft, organic visual language that is warm and personal. It’s still in its infancy, but already, Butterbean is thriving – showing all the signs of becoming a big, bouncy, loveable brand.

Butterbean Logo Awards
Butterbean Style Guide ipad1 Pink BG Insta copy
Butterbean Tshirt Mockup
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The Drum & The Drum Roses: ECO

Economics is always moving, forever evolving so we created a standout design for ECO that doesn’t stand still. A bold cover creates intrigue from the offset and striking simplicity makes complexity manageable. Distinctive brand patterns draw readers in while compelling photography brings data to life. The result? A striking, thought-led, thought-provoking publication that will help shape the future of economics.

EO Winter 2021 cover 2022 Logos
EO Summer 2021 spread 2 2022 01 18 154633 dubv
EO Winter 2021 Spread 1 2022 01 18 151904 ulch
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The Drum Roses & C2A: Ecclesiastical Barometer

In Barometer we demonstrate Ecclesiastical’s specialist approach – bold illustrations work playfully with smart headlines, confident editorial and graphs accessibly communicate complex findings and a bespoke size feels small enough to be portable and valued enough to sit reference-ready on a shelf or coffee table.

Barometer Fake Spreads Cover 1920 Award logos 2022 01 12 143515 huam
Barometer i Pad
Barometer Fake Spreads4 1920 s
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The Drum & C2A: Fable Music to my ears

How do you encourage prospective clients to give you a spin? Create an adorable plywood cassette with integrated NFC tag to transport them to a playlist message.

FABLE Dand AD Awards 1 294 A0454 Logos
FABLE Dand AD Awards 5 NFC2
FABLE Dand AD Awards 3 many cassette
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The Drum Roses & C2A: Ecclesiastical Review

Review is a flamboyant feat of design, print and foiling that we’re super proud of. A high-end publication for a high-end audience, we brought to life fascinating stories of unusual collections, architectural accomplishments and incredible jewellery, creating a beautifully tactile reader experience.

294 A0406 retouched 2 Logos copy
Review Cover Foils 5
294 A0193 retouched 2
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The Drum Roses: Ecclesiastical Positive Impact

Leading with the ‘I’ve’ of positive as a conceptual device to frame the incredible stories of the people who help and the people who have been helped, we created an emotive feel that lets the hard hitting stories speak for themselves.

294 A9963 retouched Logo
294 A9990 retouched
294 A0003 retouched
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CIPR PRide: Ecclesiastical Movement for Good

Ecclesiastical’s inspiring Movement for Good awards help to bring people into the light. We encapsulated this feeling in a heartwarming brand identity, visual and verbal language and digital tool kit. An uplifting success from the get go.

Ecclesiastical Movement Fod Good Logo Identity Design 3
Ecclesiastical Movement For Good Responsive Website Design
Ecclesiastical Movement For Good Social Media Campaign Posts
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CIPR PRide: Simplyhealth Annual Report

In a decade of annual reports for Simplyhealth we put the customer first, leading with their moving real life stories in print, digital and film.

Simplyhealth AR gif 3
Fable simplyhealth annual report 02
Fable simplyhealth annual report 07
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Think4: Simplyhealth Be Yourself

Beautiful, compelling, interactive chunk of real life storytelling to help transform culture – empowering employees to be themselves.

Fable simplyhealth be yourself book 16 Logo
Fable simplyhealth be yourself book 10
Fable simplyhealth be yourself book 15